Logistics Value Stream Manager

Logistics Value Stream Manager D'Addario & Company, Inc is currently seeking a Logistics Value Stream Manager to join our East Coast Operations Department. The position will report directly to the East Coast Director of Operations. Candidates must have a Bachelors of Arts or Science in a related field, 5 years demonstrated experience with Lean Principles, and extensive experience in warehousing, transportation, and distribution. The Logistics VSM will assume responsibility for three areas: 1) Corporate wide logistics functions for the transportation and logistics of raw materials and finished goods. The VSM will collaborate with the Manager of Strategic Sourcing for the optimal maintenance of raw materials and finished goods supermarkets. Management, development and maintenance of manufactured finished goods and raw materials supermarkets will require frequent interaction with production Value Stream Managers. The position will also be responsible for all logistical processes within the factories to customer shipment including put-away, pick, pack and worldwide delivery. Further development of Lean principles with regard to customer replenishment will be expected. 2) Transportation, receipt, put-away, pick and delivery of raw materials from local, regional and international supply base to the point of use. Extensive project work on internal logistics functions including standardized material delivery routes, put-away functions and pick processes will be required. Interaction with Production Value Stream Managers and Material Planners will be required for internal (line side) supermarket development and maintenance. 3) Traffic. The VSM will be responsible for corporate wide evaluation of all shipping functions of finished goods to customer base and raw materials from suppliers to point of use to ensure most cost effective means of transportation utilized. The main goals for the position will be to: Improve inventory accuracy. Improve timeliness from completion of manufactured finished goods to stock. Maintain customer orders being processed on time. Improve customer order fill rates (to the fullest extent possible.) Reduce shipping costs with consideration of inventory and stock management costs.
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
5 - 7 years

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