HVAC Technician - $1500 Sign on bonus


HVAC Technician:
Ensures the proper operation and performance of customers heating/air conditioning systems in a
environment. Identify, repair/replacement needs necessary to maintain equipment and systems; providing necessary information on the proper uses of the equipment; and ensuring adequate materials are available and on-hand to perform all necessary service.


  • Coordinates with Dispatch and management team to ensure work orders are accurately received and attended to in a timely manner based upon established goals and service standards.
  • Diagnoses malfunctions of heating/air conditioning/systems and/or components in
    residential HVAC units
    for the purpose of identifying repair/replacement needs necessary to maintain equipment and systems.
  • Repairs heating/air conditioning systems and related equipment and/or components (e. g. unit heaters, pumps, safety controls, valves, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring operation of equipment.
  • Manage repair costs while minimizing inefficiencies.
  • Achieve all first-time fixes, productivity, customer service and other performance goals in a consistent manner.
  • Maintains tools, supplies and/or equipment (e. g. torches, cutters, drills, test equipment, filters, control components, fan blades, gaskets, seals, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring the availability of items and equipment is in safe operating condition.
  • Manage and maintain appropriate inventory ensuring availability of required parts and equipment on an ongoing basis.
  • Repairs various items, systems and/or components (e. g., air conditioning systems, heating units such as:
    steam boilers, forced hot water, and hot air systems
    .) for the purpose of providing renovation and preventive maintenance of heating/air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
  • Requests equipment and supplies for the purpose of maintaining inventory and ensuring availability of required items.
  • Responds to emergency situations for the purpose of resolving immediate safety concerns.
  • Transports various items (e. g. tools, equipment, supplies, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring the availability of materials required at job site.
  • Must be able to work independently, and have good customer communication skills.
  • Others duties as assigned

Physical Requirements:



or condition exists from 1/3 to 2/3 of the time



or condition exists 2/3 or more of the time



of activity



Standing is performed during the initial conversation with the customer, and while diagnosing/repairing the HVAC equipment.



Walking is performed from the van to the customer s residence, up and down stairs, back and forth to the van, to obtain necessary equipment parts, to and from the HVAC equipment.



Sitting is performed while driving, completing work orders, and at times, while replacing parts on the HVAC equipment.



Lifting is performed to:

1. Load and unload parts and HVAC equipment, i. e., water heaters, tools, refrigerant, ladders and equipment to and from vehicle to jobsite.. Removing/replacing parts on equipment. Emptying/draining buckets of water removed from systems.

2. Equipment mayweighin excess of 30 lbs.

3. Bucketsof water may weigh in excess of 30 lbs. Noteworthy: frequent material handling, including lifting/carrying material in excess of 30 lbs. is an essential function of the job. Material handled may vary in size, shape and weight.



Carrying is performed to:

1. Carry tool bag to the worksite, up and down ladders and back to the van (weighing 25 lbs.)

2. HVAC equipment,i. e., water heaters, parts, refrigerant, fire extinguisher to the worksite to the van (weighing in excess of 40 lbs.)

3. Transporting bucketsof water from HVAC equipment to a sink, inside or outside drain (weighing up to 40 lbs.)

4. Transporting laddersfrom the van to the customer s residence and back to the van (weighing in excess of 40 lbs.)

Noteworthy: frequent material handling,including lifting/carrying material in excess of 30 lbs., is an essential function of the job. Material handled may vary in size, shape and weight.



Climbing is performed while walking up and down stairs, ladders, stepping in and out of the van and the rear of the van.



Stooping is performed while:

1. Servicing HVAC equipment

2. Removing/stocking partsand equipment on van

3. Placing equipment onvan shelves.



Kneeling is performed mainly at customer s residences, while servicing HVAC equipment, searching for, stocking and removing parts from van. Technicians may have to maintain a kneeling position for several minutes at one time. May also have to stoop while in a kneeling position.



Crouching is performed mainly at customer s residences, while servicing HVAC equipment and working in confined spaces, i. e., attics, crawl spaces, etc. Technician may have to maintain crouched position for several minutes at one time.



Technicianis constantly handling, whether it is tools, equipment, ladders, parts, computer, flashlight, paperwork, or steering wheel.

at torso level


1. While troubleshooting HVAC equipment, replacing parts and checking appliance safeties


  • Minimum requirement is a High School Diploma or General Education Degree (GED)
  • Strong HVAC Experience in Residential Areas
  • Light Electrical (schematics)
  • Universal Certification for recovery and installation of refrigerants
  • Valid Driver s License.
  • Ability to speak, read, and write English in a proficient manner
  • At least 5 years field experience in heating and air conditioning or 2 years educational experience with at least 2 years field technical experience
  • Must be familiar with and able to utilize electronic equipment, including, but not limited to a computer, for the purposes of queries and accurate data entry
  • Demonstrated knowledge and competency in operation, service and use of a variety of HVAC systems, equipment and related components

In return we offer

  • Union position
  • Competitive compensation including wage, commissions & bonus
  • $1500 sign on bonus after 30 days of employment
  • Excellent benefits including medical, vision, dental and life & disability insurance
  • 401(k) plan with a company match
  • Take home service van
  • Tools & Uniforms provided by the Company
  • Career development and advancement opportunities

Homeserve is an equal opportunity employer.

Don't Be Fooled

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